The importance of war on terror in today’s world

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With the rise in terror attacks around the world, the US has intensified its operations against countries supporting terrorism. This process was declared as “Global War On Terrorism” after the 9/11 attacks took place. There have been many covert military operations and financial restrictions imposed in order to stop countries that have been supporting terrorism. The Bush administration had started its operations against terrorist organizations in order to get rid of attacks that were taking place around the world.

It is important for the Global community to come together and fight against terrorism. Today almost every country spends a huge amount of its budget on its defense. The phrase “war on terror” had been first used by the Reagan administration in the year 1984. But this phrase got into the act and became a Global phenomenon after the twin towers were destroyed by the terrorists. In the year 2014, the US president Barack Obama declared that the US was not continuing with War on terror as boundless tactics but the aim was to destroy specific groups that are planning violence against the US.

In order to make the world a safe place for everyone, it is important to get rid of hatred and stay united. Every country needs to give freedom to its citizens and there should be good diplomatic relations between every country in the world. The problems between different countries have led to cold war in the past. Any form of war can be really harmful to the Global community and it is important to take strict actions in order to reduce hatred. United Nations Security Council has been really effective in making the world a safer place and its rules and regulations are binding for every country.


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