Ensuring peace and sustainable development for a progressive society

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Sustainable development is not possible without a peaceful society. Even the agenda for 2030 set by United Nations General Assembly is peace and sustainable development. Every meeting conducted by UNSC recognizes “peace” as one of the most important issues and they count on their members to stay united on it. According to them sustainable development gives way to a peaceful society and helps in progressing faster. The five pillars of UN General Assembly include prosperity, peace, partnership, planet and people.

In order to translate the goals into action, the organization needs the support of civil society, governments, international organizations, and parliaments. The concept of security defines peace as the biggest agenda in today’s world. Social development, environmental issues, and economic growth define sustainable development. It is also important to get rid of hatred and focus on a peaceful society. Nations need to understand the need of the hour and come together to find a solution to Global problems. There have been issues of regional security in most of the countries around the world.

There have been instances when people had to leave their country and move to a totally new region. This gives way to war and it could be disastrous for the society at large. In order to prevent conflicts, it is important for nations to rise above personal benefits and think about the Global issues. Any country that has been supporting terror should be strictly given a warning and all the developed countries should take appropriate steps to use their powers with responsibility. It is the responsibility of each and every individual in the civilized society to help each other and focus on development. Human rights issues should be adhered and one cannot neglect the problems of any one community or religion.

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